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Fantastic sailing in western Finland

Posted in : Starling

Wednesday night: Crossing the carpet of ‘Ljung’ (small purple flowers in low vegetation) we ended up at a bunch of summer-cottages hugging the naked cliffs. After a windmill, boathouses and a fence, which Karen found a way through, four furry Alpacars greeted us with their large eyes and curiousity. The small black one came forwards to greet us before he had second thoughts as he stopped, put his ears back and spat at Darren!

Thursday: Tracy woke us up with pancakes deluxe with blueberries and maple syrup. This was followed by a navigation-plan run-through by Sue and Karen using the whiteboard and then the winch-healthcheck-lesson by Darren.

The crossing Jurmo to Kökar,one of the Åland-island, was a dance on the floor of the Finnish archipelago with Starling shooting across the sea with three sails up, 9 knots of speed and us tacking fourteen times going towards the direction of the wind. Navigators galore Darren and Steve considered defenestration of some of the crew, but reconsidered as the over-zealous support was just a demonstration of passionate sailors.

Anchored by a quiet marina in Swedish-speaking Kökar Sue served a delicious bean-feast on Israeli cous-cous (which apparently is made by larger balls than the traditional cous-cous).