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Festival time in Malmö

Posted in : Starling

Its Monday. Starling and her crew are at sea in the midnight hours… reacting to the threat of future strong and destabilising winds, which could sabotage our schedule to Copenhagen.

Serenely motoring under the intermittent starlight, both watches have the opportunity to brush up on lights and their importance in night-time navigation – and especially in busy waters.

Practical lesson learnt. Never presume that all cardinals are lit!

Television defines much of our knowledge of geography and we finally sail under the bridge well known in the spooky series ‘The Bridge’ to dock at six o’clock in the morning in the third largest city in Sweden. Malmö!

There is much pride and enjoyment having the opportunity to sail right into the centre of such a city. We watch the city come alive and the residents going to work.

Leaving Neal and Darren working through a list of maintenance jobs, we adventure into a town in the grip of a huge, week-long festival throbbing with concerts – Classical Punk and Rock, Dance and Acrobatics – a cornucopia of market stalls and a plethora of street food. Of course, with a startlingly good looking boat such as a Rubicon 3 branded boat, the city also views us with some curiosity. We are not quite offered the keys to the town – just the code to the marina facilities. But that will do. When a hot shower is so very welcome that will do nicely.