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First Few Days in the Azores; Sun Sea & Sealife

Posted in : Hummingbird

After arriving in Horta and a very fast taxi dive from the airport to the Marina I met up with Pete (skipper) and Mark (1st Mate) along with the other crew members.

In the afternoon we went over the boat intros (inside and out) and then we ran a man over board simulation on the pontoon. The key part of this for me that I hadn’t covered before in any competent crew of day skipper work was tackling how to get the man over board back on to the boat safely and effectively.

After a night of getting to know everyone on the crew we then off on Sunday with the initial intention of sailing to Sao Jorge we made a change of plan after being unable to reach anyone at the marina and with no one on board having been into the marina before. We headed for the next stop on our route, Terceira, which is a UNESCO world heritage site. We saw dolphins, whales and cloud covered islands in a mix of sun and clouds at sea. The sail allowed us to get more familiar with the workings of the boat and the rigging and sails getting the main, staysail and yankee all used. For me it was the 1st time using the different head sails.

Now the benefit of being 1 day ahead after great long day sailing is we get it stop in Terceira for the day and take the chance to explore.