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Fresh fish for Bluejay!

Posted in : Bluejay

Yesterday the crew of Bluejay woke up a little achey from their trek the day before – a few extra coffees were needed before we could launch into learning how to check the engine. When happy with our WOBBLE we prepped the deck and slipped lines. We were heading North East among the Lofoten wall, past a spectacular view of textured mountains, snowy troughs, and clouds lifting to reveal more peaks. Under just #1 yankee headsail we sailed deep downwind, occasionally catching a small surf, and in no time at all Nusfjord was on our beam. Rather than head straight in we carried on for a couple more miles to a wide stretch of shallower water between some skerries, dropped the yankee, and threw some hooks over… within minutes and with various squeals of glee, David caught a decent sized cod, and then an even bigger one plus a pollock. Suddenly every seagull and their entire family had joined us – one even christened Vince with a little bit of “good luck”! Happy with our catch, we returned (this time into the wind, brr) to Nusfjord. It’s a very quaint village, with colourful rorbeurs, wooden walkways, and a sweet little pub. Well worth a visit, and this morning the sun has made a long awaited return to set us up for this new day!