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Glorious days on Hummingbird sailing in the Lofotens

Posted in : Hummingbird

Optimistic we’d get a cracking long sail across to Landegode, we weighed a large amount of very secure chain and cheerfully left Mortsound via a neatly navigated small channel. The wind increased steadily along with our clothing from T-shirt’s to jackets, wellies, oilskins and a first outing for the Lofoten islands beanie.  Foredeck work was pure dead brilliant despite a moment of alarm when two people not three returned to the cockpit. It turned out Matt had opted for a power nap behind the sail bag. He returned after a wave woke him looking really cheerful, maybe because it’s exhilarating up there or possibly because soup was being passed up from below.  We had an outstanding sketch of the approach to the anchorage complete with palm trees, there weren’t any but never daunted we sent a bunch of fire starters ahead to the beach to get a barbie going.
Cake today: Stuart’s brownie recipe.  Navigation, sailing quality, Michelin score all fabulous.
By Christina  (crew)