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Goodbye Cuba

Posted in : Hummingbird

For the final time from Hummingbird in Cuba here are our thoughts…

Penny – Vom vom im now a true sailor – best bit navigating with the stars – now best bit in the bars with Mohitos – whooohooo !

Rob – seeing the moon set stunning orange then navigating with the stars. Cooking the meal whilst strapped to the kitchen strap with the yacht heeling at 55 degrees.

Nick – sadness that another adventure is close to ending – while in appreciation of how lucky I am to be able to have the time to take part. Sailing and helming at night always reminds me of the power and majesty of the sea, its beauty and the need to always show respect to what it can do – both wonderful, inspiring and terrible.

Tracey – enjoying new places to explore by boat, and new experiences. Seeing pelicans and man o war jellyfish, sailing with dolphins, watching the stars, sunrise sunset, and making new friends. A true pleasure.

Anthony – stunning scenery, places you can only reach by your own boat, gentle interaction with Cubans, seeing the real side and lives of people here … completed by two weeks of sailing with great people. An experience I wouldn’t have missed for the world!

Nichola- very nice to join Humingbird again with Holly who I sailed with in the Faroes, I knew I was in good hands. Stuart was a great captain, easy to get along with, patient and sensitive to all the different crews needs ( if only he had some gluten free flour on board…) I really enjoyed the lessons we had and felt I learned a lot, also building on basic sailing knowledge from my previous trip when I was essentially a novice. Small numbers meant that we all were far more involved all the time with sailing which was brilliant. I think my highlight was being at the helm in the “rougher” passages and really feeling by the last few days that I could feel the steering rather than relying on constant compass and windex monitoring. It was a great two weeks, thanks.

Holly: I have totally enjoyed the incredible blue waters and charming personalities of Cuba! Cannot wait to return, hopefully with at least some of Hummingbird’s current amazing crew in tow.

Stu – having spent many a few nm’s in the Caribbean it can all blend into one but Cuba is its own entity. I’ve spent 4 weeks here, had 1 rain shower, 28 amazing sunsets, 6 old school taxi rides, 4 starlit nights at sea, the rest on land, if u haven’t been, sign up now. This is like mixing paradise, wildlife; the 1960s and the best sail training in one holiday! The fact that Nick and Tracey brought out 16 cans of irn bru helped me, but it’s been a sublime trip to ease through with yet more amazing new destinations. Thank you crew, thank u R3.