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What is the Great British Sailing Tour?

The Great British Sailing Tour is a full circumnavigation of Great Britain, under sail. Broken down into 7 legs, it is a brilliant chance to sail along some of the most iconic coastlines in the world, learn some new skills and head ashore to explore everything that the British coast has to offer.

With three identical yachts and crews, it’s an excuse to have some parties and some fun games and competitions along the way, ranging from who invents the finest new cocktail to who turns out to be the lasso champion of the high seas! None very serious, but there will be prizes and medals for the crews with the most points at the end and a big cold cup for the team with most points at the end of the tour.

 Is the Great British Sailing Tour raising money for good causes?

Absolutley. Rubicon 3 run the Michaela School Sailing Project, which takes children from this inner city school and gets them sailing, with all the skills, confidence and life experience that gives them. It is a cause we are deeply passionate about, and the more funding we can get, the more we can help these children.

There is a need for clothing, food, fuel and logistics help and it all costs money. Rubicon 3 are donating £50 from every booking to the project and we are also inviting local producers, hoteliers and such like from all around Britain’s cost to put something up for the Great British Sailing Tour auction – and all the proceeds will go to funding the project.

Do I have to be a sailor?

Absolutely not. Rubicon 3 is famous for taking novice sailors on some amazing world adventures. In 2021, with Covid having made the world a strange place for a bit, we’re bringing all our expertise and creativity to the Great British Sailing Challenge. So even if you have never set foot on a yacht before, so long as you are basically fit and healthy, you can join one of the teams fro as many legs as you like (from 1-7) and be a part of this amazing event. We will teach you how to sail and there’s even an RYA Competent Crew certificate to be earned on board.

What are the competitions?

Really nothing more than a way to have a lot of fun. This is first and foremost a wonderful sailing holiday and a chance to explore Britain. But when we pull into a harbour and have an hour to spare or when we’re on a longer passage with some time on our hands, it’s hard not to start a game, especially with three identical yachts and crews. Can you get the best wildlife photo, can you reach the highest landmark on the Tour? We’ll make them up as we go, and keep a running tally on the leader board. Not only is it huge fun, but it also gives us an excuse to have some huge parties and to buy a big gold cup for the eventual winners!

Can I join solo?

Absolutley. In fact we reckon 90% of crew join solo and it is such a brilliant thing to take part in if you are travelling solo. ALmost everyone else is too, it’s huge fun and very social, and we regulalry see friends for life made on board.

Who else joins?

We get such a mixture, but in reality it’s people like you. There are so many people out there wanting to have a proper holiday, have some real fun, meet new people and learn new skills. Add to that Rubicon 3’s famous mix of sailing, training and exploring and you have the perfect holiday. We may not be in our usual locations of Svalbard, Iceland and mid Atlantic Ocean, but this will be the most amazing fun event and you must come and take part!