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The Great British Sailing Challenge encompasses so much more than just the crews on the yachts. This is a celebration of what puts the GREAT into Great Britain, and that very much includes you, the friends and families of the crews!

The coast of Britain is rich with all it has to offer and we encourage you to come and visit your friend or loved one at the start or end of their leg. You can come on board, explore the yacht and see how and where they sail.

There are also fantastic parties in Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Brixham and Bristol to which you will be invited.

Don’t miss out!

Come & Visit

The Great British Sailing Tour is heading to some of Britain’s most beautiful, famous and iconic locations, and you can be there too. It’s a brilliant opportunity to visit many of the places you either haven’t been to before or haven’t seen for many years. From artisan food shops to boutique B&Bs, soaring cliffs to hidden away coves, there is so much to see and do.

So if you have a friend or family members signed up to the challenge, or you just fancy coming and seeing the boats and making a short holiday of it – this is the time to do it!