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Be part of something truly special in 2021

The Great British Sailing Tour is a huge celebration of everything that is great about the British coastline. Its incredible beauty is matched by vibrant cities, fishing communities rich in tradition, wonderful artisan producers, charming hotel, fun attractions… the list is endless! We’re also raising money for the amazing Michaela School Sailing Project, helping inner-city children get out and experience the joy of sailing.

So both celebrating the coast and helping raise money for an incredible cause, you can be a part of this. Read on to see how

Donate something

The Great British Sailing Tour has an auction to raise money for the Michaela School Sailing Project.

So if you have a wonderful hotel room, or a superb restaurant, or you make the finest cheese on the coast, and you’d be willing to put something into the auction, then please please get in touch and let us know.


It’s also a good chance to tell thousands of people about who you are, what makes your business great and drum up some extra publicity.

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Leg & Title Sponsorship

The Great British Sailing Tour is a big, fun event that is getting the support of major companies, regional tourist boards and the general public at large

It is an exciting, fun event that’s also raising money for a superb cause and a brilliant way to promote your company.

Opportunities exist for naming rights, block booking teams and branding across the boats and team uniforms. We will work with you to ensure you get superb value for money, something your employees will love to be a part of and somethinf that is just a bit special in 2021,

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