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Happy days sailing around the world on Starling

Posted in : Starling

Howdy folks (I think that’s what we say now we’re south of the equator), we are enjoying a beautiful moonlit second night of our trans-Pacific voyage from the Galapagos to the Marquesas islands. We have been ghosting along at 4kn or so for the last few hours, on a light SE’ly breeze which we hope is the fringe of the stronger trade winds that we are trying to reach further south. We had a busy final few days in Santa Cruz, with Patrice and Felicity showing the Yankee 2 some love, Angus putting antichafe protection on the spreaders and servicing the main engine, Suzy, Tom and Michelle took on the fresh produce market, carrying home what can only be described as a small banana tree laden with fruit, and more melons, pineapples and pumpkins than you can shake a papaya at.


Meanwhile Wendy and Sophia discovered that some of our dried stores had been invaded by rice weevils which are a small, harmless insect common in South America. They seemed to have come on board in the rice we bought in Panama and then spread to other foodstuffs. After cursing the ‘Super 99’ shop where we bought it they set to work, their professions as a chemical engineer and a farmer put to good use eradicating the little blighters. I would like to issue a warning to all pests considering a visit to Sophia’s farm: it really isn’t worth it, however green the grass may look on the other side! The boat and crew are all in fine fettle for the next 3000nm and 20 days of sailing, but it is a long way and anything could happen so we are mindful of looking after each other and our bright pink bird and enjoying some glorious sailing.