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Henningsvær to Reine: Preparing to sail to Iceland!

Posted in : Bluejay

The day started at 8am with flaking the Jordan series drogue on the dock beneath the Fiskekrogen restaurant, where we ate dinner last night. The drogue was very, very long, with little yellow parachutes held by black ties worked into the warp and weft of three lines of decreasing diameters. The drogue was a little too soapy and silky, so it was washed and laid along the guardrail to dry. In the meantime, some of the crew foraged in the nearest supermarket for important re-supply items (peanuts, crisps and chocolate biscuits). We watched a ‘Postman Pat’ style fishing boat being loaded with empty fish boxes in its deep hull, before it left Henningsvær to hunt for some fish; we slipped soon afterwards.


We managed to sail the whole route today (yey!) from Henningsvær to Reine, with main sail, Yankee 1 and staysail, on an almost direct bearing of 240 degrees. We had a lovely reach with gentle waves pushing us along, whilst we watched the mountain scenery and the small southern Loføten towns pass by. The spinnaker was raised for a brief period, but sadly the wind dropped and it had to be put to bed in its snuffle bag. The radar had a day off today, as we had the seas virtually to ourselves, with only a few fishing boats for company.


Around 5nm from Reine, the wind speed increased to force 4 and we put in a reef for a few miles before dropping all the sails to motor into Reine harbour. The first stop was to re-fuel. Amancio and Tom crewed for a kind Norwegian man on a Hanse sailing yacht (with a multi-coloured Danboy flag) as he offered to move his boat from the L pontoon to make way for Bluejay. His boat was then rafted onto ours. To our stern lies wooden racks for drying fish (very common in this corner of northern Norway) and a little white church; to our bow lies another ‘Postman Pat’ style red and white fishing boat. Ice scraped mountains with patches of snow provide our scenic backdrop.


Emma (chef) and Amancio (sous-chef) cooked a delicious vegetable pasta and a spaghetti bolognese for dinner. Perhaps an earlier night tonight, than last night, as we prepare for a mini-hike early tomorrow morning, followed by the start of the ocean passage to Iceland in the afternoon.


Signing off Bluejay on her last day in Norway