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Hiking and exploring in the Lofotens

Posted in : Hummingbird

After some enjoyed the 24hour light into the early hours last night, some got up nice and early to take on the 400m hike to a ridge line overlooking the fjord for amazing views. Upon return we enjoyed fresh salad and sandwiches in the gorgeous sun. Debbie then briefed us for the afternoon ahead before in joyous moods we headed to see. Our watch leaders taking a back seat disappeared to the foredeck not to be seen for the next couple of hours, Eric set to work on making freshly baked pizzas for dinner and we enjoyed some lovely slow sailing in the light winds and amazing views. As the day wore on we made for our planned overnight anchorage and thankfully found some nice sheltered in a pool just big enough to accommodate us. After ensuring the anchor was safe and our swinging room good we enjoyed our pizza on deck before the sun set behind the hills around us. A magical day onboard Hummingbird as our crew have settled into a cruising regime for the remaining days onboard exploring Norway.