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Hot sunny sailing in the Lofotens

Posted in : Bluejay

Well what a cracking start for the Bluejay crew! The unbelievable weather comprising of 23 degrees, blue skies and perfect sunshine encouraged us to rise early and complete our safety briefs. We then slipped lines shortly before lunch and enjoyed a buffet of cheeses and meats as we motored out through the stunning archipelagos. After lunch we hoisted the main and along with the staysail practised tacking with running back stays in the little wind that we had. We sailed the 8 nautical miles to a stunning bay on the north side of the island of Landegode where we inflated the RIB and the crew proceeded ashore for an arctic swim in the amazing sunshine. A dinner of spaghetti Bolognese was then enjoyed in this idyllic anchorage and a cold beer appreciated by the crew who are all telling tales in the cockpit of the most perfect first day (whilst admittedly dodging mosquitos). It’s an early up tomorrow with the promise of more perfect weather as we make our way across to the Lofoten Chain.