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Hummingbird departs Tobermory

Posted in : Hummingbird

It was a leisurely start this morning, with time ashore to explore the colourful Tobermory. However the crew were glad to finally leave though, to escape the smell of fermented sheep from our Faroese neighbours!

This afternoon has been another busy passage sailing to windward. More tacking, putting reefs in, shaking reefs out and we finally had the full main up for the first time… just for a short while! We had an epic lunch of bacon bagels produced by Patrick to keep this finely tuned tacking machine going – being a hero doing it as the boat was tacking which is not an easy task. Despite his best efforts, Adam lost the high speed record to Patrick with a new high speed of 8.6 knots. And yes we checked that it was going in the right direction – part of the rules of gaining the record!

Now we’ve arrived in Rum. It’s stunning here. The sun is shining, music is playing and the smells from the galley as Jamie cooks dinner are amazing. Right now, there’s no place we’d rather be.