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Hummingbird en route to Jamaica!

Posted in : Hummingbird

Since our last blog we’ve been sailing between the coasts of St Lucia and Martinique, getting to grips with sail manoeuvres and life on board Hbird before our big planned departure on Thursday. Alongside the full on days of hard work and sail training, there have been moments of relaxation too: dinner out, watching the world go by on the foredeck, morning swims off the side. For our two ocean watch leaders though life has been even more focused as they prepared for our 1000nm crossing to Jamaica. Yesterday, after a thorough briefing from Clive and Henry, a last minute victualling top up to find the ever elusive tin opener, and once the tanks were filled with diesel, we finally threw off the mooring lines and said goodbye to dry land for a short while. With the wind mostly two points abaft the beam but occasionally shifting by about 15 degrees and 10 knots either way, and a small flurry of headsail changes from Yankee #1 to poled out Yankee #2, we’re all slowly settling into the watch routine. Last nights stars and Milky Way were an amazing taster of what’s to come, and this mornings leaping dolphins provided a breathtaking spectacle. We’ve been kept cool too, with the occasional mild squall and rain shower. Earlier Sunshine had her line out waiting for the big catch, her optimism knowing no bounds as we cruised along at 8 knots – maybe a Marlin for us sometime soon? Our celestial navigators have taken a couple of sun sights between the persistent clouds and along with dead reckonings, place us north west of the Island de Aves, upon which it turns out a lone Venezuelan naval officer lives – he called us up on the VHF for a chin wag! All bets have been taken on our arrival time into Jamaica, ranging from early on the 5th to late on the 6th…. personally I went for an optimistic time in the sweepstake, so please wish us some slightly fairer winds soon 🙂