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Hummingbird nears the end of her Passage Making Masterclass

Posted in : Hummingbird

A wet wild and windy overnight passage from Dun Laoghaire ensured that we fell off the the grid for a bit. However we are back, with a lovely little anchorage in Port Ellen, Isle of Islay at the end of the passage everyone was happy to sleep and explore a sleepy Scottish town which appears to have more distillery’s than people! Sad thing to say…. or possibly lucky who knows…. I really hate whiskey! After a fantastic and sunny finally…(you could hear the crew cheer!) day where we explored the fine distillery of Laphroaig and made our way to the mainland into another gorgeous sleepy town of Ardfern. With Andrew taking lots of pictures we are hoping there will be amazing ones to follow. This morning was an early start we were up with the birds! Literally as Rob said there was no sleeping when they woke up and off we have set into the sun rise…. which never really set! Stephen and Nicky today are navigating us to Tobermoray, and as with the rest of the week lots of tidal calculations and Pilotage has been done. David had had an adventurous couple of days trying all new things for him including things like Custard, black and white pudding are also on the menu which hasn’t been had by a number of the crew. Rich who decided Flourescent yellow trainers were the order of the week apparently just in case he goes overboard and so can stick a foot up….. we keep trying to tell him you need to be head up to breathe but hey ho. And we are away. Bacon and Egg sarnies, and lots of coffee lead us away and through another amazing day in Scotland. Radar, Tidal races and mooring alongside on our Passage Making MasterClass!
By Alex Mate on Hummingbird