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Hummingbird on Harris

Posted in : Hummingbird

We awoke to colourful (grey) clouds over the hills of Rum this morning and just as we set off this turned to a light mist (rain). However the wind was in the west and we set off at a rate of knots along our course. Our long 60nm day was going to be a breeze, especially as the wind was forecast to back. Then a squall hit, wind veered to NW and we were left beating upwind again. Not long after our day was brightened by our first whale sighting, a minke! Followed later by a few shy dolphins. Many hours later and with the crew successfully getting into the swing of watch systems and learning to sleep (rather too easily for some) and work below decks while underway we finally rounded Skye’s SW tip with the help of he engine and set course for Harris, full sail and we shot off again with Julian helming us a 8knts before the sunrise of the trip so far, Julian our racing sailor asking for a reef! (Always a first). Onwards and with the whole crew involved in looking for our arrival buoy Emma was first to spot with Adam conforming using the binoculars (while multi tasking listening to he cricket). Kim and Phil on navigation successfully navigated us into the bay, through the islands, missed the unmarked covered island (high high tide) and found the entrance to the remote and secluded Scalpay harbour. A very tight entrance only accessible at mid tide and above and a rather tight turning space to get onto the leeward side of the pontoon that needed a couple of attempts. Hummingbird now tied up and the crew happily tired after another great day. Dinner was served by Julian of complex roasted butternut squash and mushroom pasta complete roasted banana cake for dessert that took Julian, Anya and Emma a day to put together between 3 people. It was worth the effort, another fabulous meal onboard. The crew enjoyed the light Scottish night to go for pre midnight strolls to stretch the legs and settle down for a quite night hopefully.