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Hummingbird sail training in eastern Iceland

Posted in : Hummingbird

Our first full training day for this trip started with a lifejackets and safety line demo done in the dry confines of the saloon. A couple of cups of tea later and we moved onto the dock for a deck brief, winch drill before we looked at our drouge (storm gear) on the dock. A mob alongside and rig of the deck and we were ready to depart. But only as far as the fuel berth. Not the longest berth in the world at 5m but enough to just about get hummingbird alongside. Fully refuelled we set to sea for some training. Despite the constant rain and 2m swell with opposing tidal flow we still enjoyed some sailing and of course the phenomenal views and the experience of being in a safe ocean going boat to sail these exposed waters. The swell made our first port of call untenable and so switched to plan b. Mark was our third helm of the day to drive the 60’ on and off the dock and accomplished this great, with some excellent deck work from the crew to get hummingbird alongside and put to bed in rapid time. It was really impressively fast!! Mike sorted dinner for our satisfyingly tired crew before as our dehumidifier and heaters work away trying to dry our kit ready for day 2 of training tomorrow.