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Hummingbird sailing in the Faroes: heavenly days!

Posted in : Hummingbird


After a morning exploring for some and prepping passages for others we waited for the tide to change before starting our progress north. With Julian’s passage plan we left the fjord (with info from Adam who had hiked up the hill that while it was windy in fjord it was a nice breeze outside) and turned north. A perfect force 4 had us reaching north and as we crossed the tidal stream lines it was perfect timing for talking about COG and SOG as our course dramatically changed due to the tidal effects. More lessons on the reasons for tides and apparent wind (and later a great example of apparent wind changing with tide) saw us sail serenely past some faroes rocky islands each complete with cloudy tops, another live lesson in the creation of clouds with uprising cooling air. As we turned downwind and the boat flattened out the sun was slowly coming down and we enjoyed an unbelievable flat water sail amongst the Faroese cliffs with dinner served up by Kim and Phil. It turned out to be one of the best sails so far of our trip and a fiery sunset to see us into the harbour was icing on the cake. We now look forward to a shore day exploring tomorrow.