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Hummingbird sails into Nordfjord, Iceland

Posted in : Hummingbird

We finally ran out of wind in the early hours this morning and had to motor the last few miles into Iceland. Not a bad effort all things considered. Throughout the night we carried our radar watch as the thick fog reduced visibility to less than 1/4nm as we navigated through a dense fishing ground with many vessels.  As breakfast time came around there was no sign of the skipper for his watch….then 15minutes later he popped up looking all chuffed that and proclaiming he was early for watch, only to be confused by who was actually on watch. A puzzled look and then a check of his phone and it turned out he was already on Icelandic time. Well, some are always one step ahead!  Anya expertly navigated us on to norofjord with use of the radar as the land made an appearance at the last minute once we were within a couple of miles of the coast. An interesting way to arrive for sure! Once alongside we cleared customs, put the boat to bed and the crew set off to explore the town and local geothermal hot pools. It turned out that there was a rock concert on in the town over the weekend in the building adjacent to the pier and so our quay was first taken over by a yoga lesson that the crew took part in before an inflatable slide was set up to launch people into the sea. Our skipper stepped up to the challenge for our representation.  A roast dinner followed by maybe the best cake of the trip (chocolate orange topped with salted caramel) finished of the day as the tired crew start to turn in after enjoying a sunny day in Iceland.