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Hummingbird’s crew getting to grips with Celestial Nav

Posted in : Hummingbird

Here on Hummingbird we’re two days deep into the start of our celestial journey. By Friday midday everyone had joined us in Key West and spent the afternoon working through briefings and settling in. Saturday and Sunday have seen all 6 new crew, each of them almost entire novices in the realm of celestial navigation, working through an intensive classroom course. The aim? Successfully sailing Hbird from Key West to the UK (via a few stopovers along the way) purely using a sextant, some books, and the sun, stars, planets, and moon. Challenge accepted. Having acknowledged that none of us are members of the flat earth society early on in the weekend everything else flowed smoothly… with only the occasional “hold on, what’s going on now?!” Near the end of day 2 we managed to break out of the classroom and head to the famous Mallory Square to get some hands-on sextant practice in, bringing the sun down to the horizon and reading off the altitude. Instructor Holly is at least convinced we’ve all now got the knowledge to make our way across the Atlantic without GPS… and as crew member Jim put it, “we’re eons past what Columbus could do!” See you on the other side of the pond..