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Hummingbird’s new crew are put through their paces

Posted in : Hummingbird

Shirley and Sarah are currently cooking up a storm in the galley full of giggles and stories, somehow still with energy after a long day of training.

The day started with an engine lesson from Nigel before we rigged the deck, sent Robert over the side for an MOB demo, filled with fuel and then finally got out to sea and hoisted our sails. No sooner had we done that and Michelle threw her hat overboard thinking it was time to practice MOB again! Hat recovered and lunch devoured we set off to practice sail evolutions. Every member of crew got a shot of all positions as we consistently moved round and rotated.

We practiced reefing just in time for a squall coming through then shook the reef out as it passed. It’s amazing how we are able to plan these real life situations so well!!

A well drilled drop and pack away allowed us to squeeze into our dock before sunset and the deck crew set to work on packing the boat. Michelle kindly nipped to the bar for takeaway cold beers to the relief of all onboard. (But has now let on that she didn’t actually pay for them)

I think everyone will sleep well tonight after an intensive but exhilarating day on the water.