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Idyllic days cruising in the Lofotens

Posted in : Hummingbird

The crew awoke this morning in Stromoy to another picture perfect blue sky and the opportunity to explore ashore again. The rib was lowered and the crew shuttled to secluded bays of crystal clear waters. From there they variously took off up the hills, blazed their own trails that even sheep wouldn’t risk, explored amazing fresh water mountain lakes and swam in the sea. Swimming above the arctic circle sounds extreme but many stayed in the water long after the photos were taken. The stoney beach where the crew eventually assembled was so tempting that a decision was made to enjoy lunch right then and there. Mike the rib driver for the day duly obliged by retrieving Katina’s couscous from the boat!
With the cutter rig boat prepped and ready again we sailed to the east. The crew were drenched in warmth and sunshine so much so that it was hard to reconcile that we were actually sailing Norway and not Greece! Catriona was our navigator for the day and helped us through a passage plan where we wound up sailing through a narrow channel adorned with skerries (rocks). A couple of sharp tacks from a crew working well together helped us into the slot and into the small fishing village of Mortsund. Chorizo pasta a la Matt and the incredible geography of the Lofoten peaks silhouettes against this clear arctic sunset sky.
Richard the younger has just treated himself to another wet wipe which suggests it’s time to turn in for the night. Richard the elder would be a brave soul to sleep on deck tonight and plans to head below too. Very wise! Porridge with raisins steeping for breakfast. An early start and a 40 mile sail back down towards Bodo planned for tomorrow!