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Is that an iceberg or a Beluga whale ahead?

Posted in : Oriole

We thought yesterday could not be bettered, but wait… the day started with a hearty bacon breakfast with plans for visiting Svalbards largest glacier, Lilliehook. Dishes washed, we sailed to Poolepynten where we drifted through a pod of several hundred beautiful White Beluga whales with some swimming close to the boat despite their natural shyness. All this whilst only metres from the shoreline where a large group of somnolent Walrus chilled on the beach. The sun was so strong now that we needed two lots of SPF 50 sunscreen before heading off to dodge bergy bits on our way to Lilliehook Glacier and our anchorage. Sunday dinner? We had it at midnight Monday morning looking out at the glacier and surrounded by icebergs. Oriole

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