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Joining Bluejay

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With a degree of trepidation, the crew of Blue jay arrive over a few hours on Wednesday. What have we signed up for? The yacht a 60’ Clipper with its blue hull resting next to the pontoon invites us to board. Within minutes it’s like old friends meeting except we’re strangers. Bags dropped off and into the many little jobs to be completed before we sail. Menus decided, food orders made, ropes and sails stowed. Training on equipment, processes. Maintenance tasks ticked off. Each crew member has talents, Steve taking video of the trip. Chris installing fans on each bunk, Sharon and Liz go shopping, Richard down in the lazerette locker fixing the stern light, Tall Simon fixing the netting along the rails, Alex up the mast, not so tall Simon stocking the rope locker. Mick assisted with storing the victuals, Frank worked on the winches and Emily organising the administrative stuff required for the Arc rally and immigration. Also the sterling work of Matt the company engineer getting the yacht in tip top shape.
This and the socialisation has made time fly, but not without mishaps. One evening after a sundowner we as a crew decided to have a night cap at the local bar. Emily and her mother hen radar sensed something was amiss and after doing a head count found one crew missing. A quick mobile call to Tall Simon and he had been locked in the men’s toilet. Rescued and returned. So all checks done, the final meal along side and we’re all looking forward to tomorrow to start this adventure. Richard Hodgson