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Kite Surfing and Diving – All The Action from Team Starling

Posted in : Starling

 We woke to the sound of waves lapping against the boat with the beautiful island of Petit St Vincent on our port side.

The exclusive beach bar Team Starling had frequented the night before looked as enticing as ever, but Skipper Kieran was keen to get underway as we had a pit stop in the itinerary to undertake, calling in at Mopion.

This tiny island off PSV has a lonesome beach umbrella in the middle. Wow! What another amazing way to start our day on what can only be described as the greatest Caribbean adventure ever.

While a few went snorkelling others worked on their fitness regimes with a quick jog around the perimeter of the island – Tim and Hannah please note, that took you all of 50 seconds!

Back on the boat and with a busy afternoon of James Bond style action planned we headed to Union Island and the port of Clifton.With Mark and Xavier getting their diving fix in with two awesome dives added to their log books, Christian, Alison and Rick were the intrepid trio to try their hand at kite surfing. The general consensus was filled with oohs and ahhs of ‘that was amazing even if our bodies have been battered!’

The town of Clifton offers a true Caribbean hit to the senses with colourful buildings, cafes and bars making us feel very much at home – and we even found a local lady to do some laundry for us saving some members of the crew from a fourth day of wearing the same t-shirt and not to say boxers!

With so much to see and do – the ‘must visit’ Happy Island was high on our early evening jaunt.  A short hop across from Starling and we were soon mesmerised by the style and skill of the pro-kite surfers as they turned and twisted from one aerobatic display to another just metres away from us – maybe the super high-strength rum punch helped, but this is a sight to behold – guys your magical manoeuvres are of Olympic-sized proportions – we salute you.

As a treat, and allowing Tim and Mark to escape from cooking the evening meal, Kieran and Neal had booked a table at Sparrow’s Beach Bar – our verdict – if you’re in the area its certainly worth a visit – the tuna was cooked to perfection and was a real treat.

Yet another very special day with an extra mention to navigators Alison and Christian – they made a great team.

Nick continues to be Starling’s on deck action hero with not a single evolution escaping his enthusiasm and speed – Nick we thank our lucky stars you are on this amazing journey.