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Leaving for Poland

Posted in : Starling

Starling’s crew had an early departure from Peenemünde, Germany – most of us had an interrupted night’s sleep due to a heavy metal concert the other side of the harbour. We had originally planned to sail to the Danish island of Bornholm; however, the wind angle was far more favourable to head to the Swedish town of Ystad. The 80nm sail north was incredible – by far the finest sail of the trip so far. The marina was very busy so we tied up next to Helene, a fine old Swedish gaff-rigged beauty, in the main harbour. The team enjoyed a day of shore leave – with an obvious highlight being the bugling night watchman. This elusive figure watches over the town at night for signs of houses on fire, sounding his bugle every 15 minutes from the church tower to let everyone know that he is still awake! Apparently, then everyone can sleep soundly. He seemed pleased to have an audience for his 9.30pm bugle and we glimpsed a ghostly hand reach out of the tower to give us a wave. Starling’s crew did not sleep soundly that night, as lightening illuminated the accommodation area and thunder made the whole hull shudder. Now, the 180nm journey to Poland.