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Leaving iceland

Posted in : Hummingbird

Even thick cloud and constant drizzle cannot detract from the beauty of this remote place where the hummingbird crew awoke this morning for our shore day. Importantly, a considered decision was made to leave for Norway tomorrow (Sunday) late morning!!! Breakfast of fruit and eggs was followed by some theory lessons from mate Mike and skipper Stuart. Days of classroom training were condensed into 2.5 hours as they shared their knowledge on global weather systems, celestial navigation and how to apply this to our journey ahead. Thank you guys from all the rest of your crew! Richard put in a great “surprise salad” lunch and yesterday’s lentil soup was nearly finished too.

The afternoon was a half day off for everyone. Debbie and Catriona nobly opted for a run first but the rest of us went straight to the swimming pool and hot tubs in the village! In the 39 degree pool we met the priest of the village who wished us well on our voyage. He shared the story of a fisherman who once journeyed from here to Norway in search of a new engine for his modest size boat! Richard, Matt, Katina, Eric, Mark and Richard all got back in touch with their childhood as we scooted down the big orange slide at the swimming complex! Surely good preparation for inner ear imbalances. Even better preparation were the hot soapy showers afterwards! With fresh clothes that we all hope will last until Norway we enjoyed a grand chicken korma feast thanks to Eric. The crew lies asleep ready for tomorrow when we head for Norway and begin our watch system.

Mark – Watch Leader