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Les Saintes – Pigeon Island -Antigua

Posted in : Hummingbird


Monday 14th Jan saw us depart Dominica for Les Saintes and we maximised our daylight hours with an early departure.

Another cracking sail ensued with a standard sail plan of full main, stay sail and Yankee 1 with a reef to ease the additional pressure as we emerged between the islands.

We arrived at lunchtime and picked up mooring buoys before inflating the RIBs and heading ashore to clear in.

The usual suspects soon found their way to the local hostelries to sample the local beverages whilst others climbed the adjacent hill to admire the view from the Napoleonic fort at the top.

We were joined by the Dutch tall ship ‘Star Amsterdam’ and Paul managed to take some amazing drone footage before crashing and burning in spectacular fashion.

Despite the beauty of Les Saintes it was time to depart yesterday morning and head north to the west coast of Guadeloupe and the Cousteau marine reserve that is Pigeon Island. We dropped the hooks near to the beach and started about various crew runs to both the beach and to the snorkelling location on the island that proved to be a tremendous hit. The vast array of fish species alongside the stunning crystal clear waters and remarkable coral gardens occupied the adventurous crew members for a good few hours as the others enjoyed the beach and adjoining bars and restaurants of the mainland. KP was most excited by his encounter with an octopus that he was able to capture on Arabellas apparently waterproof phone.

After a relatively peaceful night on anchor it was a very early start today as we set sail the 50 remaining nautical miles to Antigua accompanied at one point by the distant sight of 2 unidentified whales which assisted in waking up the crew throughout the boat.

As we arrived in Nelson’s Dockyard on our stern too mooring we noticed the Talisker banners indicating the end of the trans Atlantic rowing race and as I type sitting in a cafe overlooking the water, 2 brave adventurers have just come alongside after weeks and weeks and weeks at sea…….inspiring stuff……