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Link your yacht with Rubicon 3 Rubicon3 Adventures

Link your yacht with Rubicon 3

Rubicon 3 are looking for a 36-42′ yacht that we could use to teach RYA sailing courses such as Competent Crew, Day Skipper, Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster and for day charters and other commercial work. In return for the use of your yacht, we will pay for all your mooring and insurance fees and the yacht will be professionally maintained by our Chief Engineer (a Royal Navy engineer with over 24 years experience).

This means all your ongoing yacht expenses will stop and when you wish to sail it, it will be in immaculate condition and beautifully looked after, ready to go.

Zero operating, insurance or maintenance costs

Professional maintenance is provided by Rubicon 3 at no charge. While your yacht is in our programme, she will receive a full maintenance period every three, six month and twelve months. All your essential mechanical parts and systems are checked and replaced if needed.

Owner access

You can still sail your yacht for up to 8 weeks a year (2 weeks in high season), with more time available for a fee.

Programme length

The agreement runs on an annual basis with a 6 month notice period from either side

Pre agreement check & service

Your yacht will need to be in suitable condition and we will complete a full pre agreement survey of the yacht. Any work that needs to be done to prepare the yacht for service will be discussed with you. You can either get this work done or Rubicon 3 can do the work for you. It will then be maintained to this condition.

Coding for commercial service

To operate as a sailing school boat, your yacht must have an SCV2 coding and RYA inspection. This ensures it is fully compliant with the relevant MCA legislation. Rubicon 3 covers these costs.

Sailed by professional skippers – maintained by professional engineers

The most common question is whether your boat could be damaged by being used as a sailing school boat. It is of course possible but in our experience no more so than every day use. Every course has a professional sailor and instructor running it and damage is rare. If any damage does occur, Rubicon 3 will repair it to a very high standard without delay. You will find your boat improves in condition during its time with us, rather than deteriorates.

Average outgoings you save

  • Annual mooring:    £2000 per annum
  • Insurance:   £500 per annum
  • Maintenance:   £7500 per annum
  • Total savings: £10,000 per annum

If you would like to discuss the possibility of adding your yacht to the Rubicon 3 programme please email bruce.jacobs@rubicon3adventure.com

Who we are

Blueco Holdings Ltd, t/a Rubicon 3 Adventure
20 – 22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU

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