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Loving the Lavac – life at sea with Oriole

Posted in : Oriole

After the grey mist and heavy drizzle we woke to find still damp foulies but clearer skies and sunshine. Our overnight mooring sheltered in the shadow of the quiet mountains revealed itself in its full glory. Before we set sail we had a wobble – our engine checks. We learnt about the racor filter or as Liz called it the gravy separator. A good analogy although not sure we want diesel on our roasts. We set off on a close reach with a steady 12 to 13 knots of wind making about 9 to a top speed of 9.7 knots heading towards Reine. Braving the heads at a 35 degree angle of heel is always a challenge. Fiona excelled herself by being sucked down by the Lavac and catapulted through the door although not I hasten to say at the same time! Dear reader she did survive thank God and we all arrived safely at Reine to enjoy a drink in the local friendly bar.