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Magical times with Rubicon 3

Posted in : Hummingbird

No ordinary holiday; no ordinary companions. Signing-up for a Rubicon3 sailing holiday is a step into the unknown. Sailing on a yacht much bigger than anything I’ve sailed in before and not knowing anything about your fellow crew members until you arrive at the marina can appear daunting. Fortunately, everyone is in the same boat (pun intended) and irrespective of your sailing experience or even lack of any, we were quickly put at ease by Emily, the Skipper, and Hannah, the Mate, who have considerable experience in putting everyone at ease. Nothing is assumed about the crew’s knowledge levels with everything explained and, where appropriate, returned to until you fully grasp it. No question is regarded as silly; all are answered with clarity, attention to detail and humour. Over a fortnight we visited several locations in and around Lanzorate before embarking on a two night trip to Madeira. The night sky at sea is something magical; without light pollution the stars and planets are crystal clear. I had never realised how common shooting stats are. Dolphins fed and played near us on several occasions. Ocean going birds patrolled over the waves. We visited places off the beaten track, with time to explore ashore, swim or generally chill out. Everyone played the part; we quickly became a crew who loved the adventure. Personally, I fell in love with Hummingbird who is a lady of the seas. I had pretty high expectations about this holiday. Those expectations were easily surpassed.Will I sign-up for another Rubicon3 adventure? You bet I will.