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March 11th – Maria La Gorda

Posted in : Hummingbird

Hummingbird set sail as the sun rose on another Caribbean day. Penny had planned our passage to Maria la Gorda and set us up on our way as we gybed down the coast. A lesson in global weather was interrupted by Holly calmly informing us that there was a dolphin leaping off the beam. As we all looked we enjoyed 15minutes of 10 bow riding and playing dolphins. The crew now tired out from the excitement of the dolphins (or maybe the weather lesson!?) slipped below in the midday sun as a skeleton crew manned the cockpit. As we turned the final corner the wind came on the beam and we had yet another flat water beam reach and close reach as we finished with a tack inshore to our destination with Rob and then Nichola acting as lookouts up the mast for looking for coral shallows in he turquoise water. A quick deck tidy and swim to secure the mooring bouy was followed by enjoying a beer and pina colada ashore on the bars decking as we watched the sun set and Holly’s first green flash. The days can be long and while there was a couple of quezy crew at times today, it’s all worth it in the end for the numerous wonderful moments that you experience on board and the satisfaction to sailing another 61nm to an amazing arrival is one of those true explore and adventure moments that makes it all worthwhile.