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March 9th – Nuevo Gerona

Posted in : Hummingbird

This morning an advance shore party left HB at anchor at Juventud to find transport to the main town. The excitement to discover a 1 hour bus ride was available within the next 20 minutes meant a hasty crew retrieval by RIB, watched by both pelicans and Guarda. The adventure was now underway, with gradual pick ups, loud music and glorious countryside views that included avoiding beans being raked and dried on the tarmac of the main road. Arriving in town, Penny quickly found an unsuspecting local to act as a guide and we made our way in search of fresh veg and fruit by horse and cart. Somehow this landed us amongst the festivities of a 4 day festival that enabled us to try street food of fried plantain and churros. Willy the guide, now firmly attached to our group, continued to provide a tour to a Casa Particular for lunch then arranged a taxi ride to the fascinating panoctagon design prison where Fidel Castro had been incarcerated. A quick return to catch the bus before it filled with locals and their purchases held in suitcases. Another fantastic journey, before stopping at the nearby hotel and beach for a cerveza before joining HB in time for another glorious sunset at anchor. A truly memorable day enriched with colour and adventure. – Tracey