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Michaela School Sailing Project

Michaela School Sailing Project

Opening up sailing to all children

The ethos at Rubicon 3 has always been to make sailing as accessible to everyone as possible. We are delighted therefore to be extending this to some of the most worthwhile recipients of all. The Michaela School is an extraordinary testament to what can be achieved with hard work, discipline and belief: exactly the qualities that are essential when out on the ocean.

The Project

Rubicon 3 have teamed up with the Michaela School to enable their children to get out on yachts and learn to sail. For some, it will be an experience that they learn from, for others it may go further and start a longer term passion for the sea. For all of them, it is a way to broaden perspectives, have some huge fun and learn more about themselves.

A full package of sailing activities is being developed, from single day trips, moving on to weekends and ultimately the goal is to sail with the children on full, exciting expeditions to countries such as Norway. The children are all volunteers and selected by the school for the behaviour and enthusiasm.

The value of sailing to children

Yacht sailing is far outside the reach of so many in Britain. Yet being out on the water is baked into the cultural and social history of this island nation. Over the years, we have seen the huge effect sailing has on an individual’s character. First and foremost, there is a huge appreciation of nature, as the wind and waves become forces to be worked with, not admired from the side.

Sailing also pushes the individual to face some fears, dig a little deeper into themself and find a way through a particular challenge. This can be realising the power of the wind and sea as the weather strengthens, or feeling cold and tired and finding the strength to push on through. Even when the weather is warm and sunny, there is so much to learn with ropes everywhere, other boats nearby and any number of obstacles and hazards to avoid. For young adults, it is hard to think of a better mix than fresh air, exercise, and a character-building environment.


There is a constant need to find funding for this project. The children need warm clothes, waterproof footwear, food onboard, transport to and from the boat, and more. Rubicon 3 is committed to providing as much as possible in the way of yachts, personnel and time, but we are always interested to hear from anyone or any organisation that can assist. Please contact us at