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Navigated by the Boobies

Posted in : Blog

Navigated by the Boobies, we finally arrive into St Lucia, next to the impressive Pitons, after a 12 hour overnight sail. The Frigates, assisted by Geoffrey the spider are woken up to help the Boobies put Starling’s sails to bed; and after an amazing bacon & egg breakfast from Alex, nearly everyone takes back to their bunks for a couple of hours.

Lots of options of things to do here, but after our all nighter mostly we are content to swim and soak up the atmosphere.

Kieran takes the dinghy to drive a few people over to Soufriere to have a look around. They aren’t long as it smells pretty strongly of sulphur (Andy and David insist it isn’t them!), and we prefer our quieter bay.

Kieran then kindly drives a group over to the beach, and Alex returns a short while later to drop off the contents of the beer fridge.

Susie manages to shut her little finger in the bin locker; but her middle finger is still working properly to respond to the teasers.

After demolishing most of the cold beers, the crew then get stuck into the remaining rum; and discover that Caitlin has been tucking her into her own private rum stash!

The marine rangers pull up alongside to sort paperwork with Kieran. They can smell Wendy and Libbie’s delicious dinner and are angling for an invite!

We then discuss anything anyone would like further training on – Caitlin is working towards her Competent Crew.

It’s going to be a pretty quiet/early night for most to catch up on lost zeds from last night.

By Johnny and Susie on Starling