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Night sailing off the coast of Cuba

Posted in : Hummingbird

We awoke to our secluded anchorage this morning to enjoy a relaxed breakfast before we made the decision to have a head straight back to a beach for the afternoon and a few hours off the boat before a night sail later tonight to take us 100nm to the east and on to the Cuban mainland.

Sarah piloted is back to Cayo largo to clear customs as we navigated clear of the reefs with just a few tacks needed. We are hoping the wind stays in its south eastern sector in order to allow us minimal tacks for our night passage.

We are passaging by night in order to make the most of our time here but also 100nm by day here will be 12 hours of relentless heat and so enjoying the sail hopefully under a moonlit night will be a much cooler affair.

As I write this in our anchorage it actually looks like the wind is veering so this is a good sign.