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Night skies & Galley disasters on Bluejay

Posted in : Bluejay

The eggs are gone. And so is the honey. However the bilges are really clean.
This is our 4th day at sea now and it’s fair to say the boat is rolling about a fair bit in big swells, which has meant for a few galley disasters. If you put it down, it *will* slide off. If you are doing the washing up, the water *will* slosh about everywhere & if you leave the eggs out…then the bilges have to be washed with hot soapy water.
Today was also shower day! Hooray! So for precisely 37 seconds, we were all clean. Until we starting sweating in the heat again or got drenched up on deck, but the thought was there and there’s been a marked improvement in the fragrance of the area around the bunks!
The night skies have been just simply stunning. You know it’s stunning when the oncoming watch are half way up the companionway moaning about how hot it is below, they pause, and then simply say “wow” mid sentence. With no light pollution to distract from the millions of stars and the Milky Way, it’s hard not to spend all night watches just staring at the skies and the phosphorescence in the water.
We’ve settled into watches really well, we’ve put reefs in and out and gybed a couple of times, with 2 of the watches being extremely grateful they were off watch at the time!
Tonight we’re extremely grateful to have Mike & Ollieas skipper & mate, who are always calm and helpful. The wind increased during the night to over 35 knots, which while successfully soaking those of us on watch, so well the light on the lifebuoy started flashing, and amusing us with the amount of flying fish depositing themselves on deck, did make helming rather difficult. 5 mins after Mike & Ollie were on deck, the 3rd reef was in and it was time for drinks and a little light music.
Tip of the day – Life is 10% what happens to you & 90% how you react to it.