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Norway is good for the soul

Posted in : Oriole

After breakfast and a shower in Leirvik, the crew of Oriole slipped lines and headed out into the longest fjord in Norway. With Ken’s passage plan we had some good sailing and Oriole showed us her best speeds. Sadly the wind in the fjord is a little unpredictable so Mr Perkins was also required. With Lionel’s encouragement we did our bit for the planet by running a man over board drill on a passing bucket and safely retrieved it. After careful reconnaissance of a sheltered inlet we anchored and the shore party was rowed out to land by Susie. Susie, Rob and Sarah walked up to the mid point of a phenomenal waterfall that can still be heard from the boat. Rod explored the surrounding area and Ken walked to find the bottom of the falls.

Tonight we are at anchor in Frettheim and Alex is cooking lasagne. We are looking forward to Susie’s cake and checking out the photos everyone took. The vast tranquillity of Norway is good for the soul.

Sarah 07/09/19