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Ocean sailing festival – 2019

There is nothing so magical as being out on the open ocean, sailing from one country to another, hundreds of miles from land. Blue skies, sun, white flecked waves and the magical iodine-infused air as the yacht charges through the waves. These are the journeys dreams are made of and the unique Ocean Sailing Festival 2019 is all about helping you achieve those dreams.

Let us help you get started

As with so many sports, getting started is often the hardest part. Taking that first tentative step into something new is always challenging – yet ultimately what makes it un-nerving is also what makes it so rewarding. You are stepping outside of your comfort zone and going 100% ‘new’. Of course that can be scary – but this is how we build new skills, develop new experiences and realise that not only can we cope – we can thrive. Rubicon 3 has taken literally thousands of new sailors out onto the oceans and helped them make that leap. These are the people – just like you – who are now sailing the world’s oceans, exploring and truly living that dream. Come and join them!


Who joins the ocean sailing trips?

Literally anyone and everyone. We have people who have never set foot on a yacht before and want a huge adventure and we have more experienced sailors, looking to complete their Yachtmaster Ocean qualifying passages. Whatever your experience and skill level, we will ensure you are fully involved, given time and space to learn and helped to discover the magic of the open ocean. 90% of people join alone, there’s usually an even mix of men and women and more than anything they are a really easy going mix of people from all around the world, united by the thrill of heading out to sea together.

Where can I sail to?

Throughout the Ocean Sailing Festival 2019, we have three spectacular sailing routes that you can crew on. You could sail from Galicia in Spain down to the Portuguese island of Madeira and on to the Canaries. Second, you could sail from Madeira up to the volcanic archipelago of the Azores. Third, you could sail from the Azores to the blissful coastline of the Algarve.