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Oriole close to (Norwegian) home!

Posted in : Oriole

With 60 NM to run until the skerries of the Norwegian coast, the good ship Oriole ploughs onwards through blistering sunshine. The skipper and mate have even taken off their thermals…. for now.
Bluejay hove in sight this morning and disappeared on the port tack whilst we took a slower but potentially more direct starboard tack. As the wind continued to back and the direct course to destination became achievable, will the gamble pay off? We?ll find out when we get to the destination.
We cant beat the clipper 60 on pace, but can we do it with an early tactical decision? Who knows? Its not a race anyway. Its about the beautiful sailing, the crew bonding, the camaraderie of standing a watch helming whilst the Arctic snow piles up against your windward side, the miles of serene open ocean, the solitude, the friendships formed whilst trying to cook in a tiny galley at 30 degrees of heel and watching all of the chopped onions fly to starboard as the yacht drops of a wave and other perceived hardships laughed off because the experience is a once in a lifetime journey, or is it?
Would we all do it again? In a heartbeat!