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Oriole completes her sail from Scotland to Ireland

Posted in : Oriole

As the night wore on more sail changes took place and our navigators managed to get fixes while the whole crew settled into the watch system well in the pitch black night. We managed to sail all the way to the entrance to Dublin bay and only resorted to the engine for the final couple of miles into the marina. Our timing was to perfection as daylight just arrives as we entered the harbour in time to drop the main and get the lines and fenders ready. Like it was planned all crew arrived on deck despite not being woke and we had a full compliment to go alongside and tie Oriole up for the final time. Gary sorted us out with bacon egg and beans for breakfast while Diane and Stephen washed the decks down and we put all thoughts of cleaning the rest of the boat away until tomorrow. There is a city and sightseeing to do today as well as catch up on some much needed sleep that some of us didn’t get through the night. Gary, our total newbie said he slept better at sea than alongside and so we now expect him to become a round the world sailor even though he still hasn’t quite figured out what currency to use on our various stops in Ireland yet! Tonight we will all go out for dinner and recount tales of our sail down from Oban but the numbers speak for themselves, 250nm sailed, only 15 under engine and most of these where in and out of ports, 14.7kt maximum, 12 night hours, 2 chocolate cakes, 1 pod of dolphins and many bottles of red wine.