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Oriole crosses the North Sea.

Posted in : Oriole

Left Fedje in fine weather and motor-sailed down to south end of island to start passage to Shetlands (170 miles, passage planners Rod, Alison and Robert).

A mixed passage with something for everybody. Exhilarating sailing, but choppy seas which pretty much exhausted the boat’s supply of seasickness bags (easy to laugh at when you don’t need them). A new experience for everybody was sailing overnight through a forest of oil rigs all lit up like Christmas trees, without incident except for a VHF from a polite Norwegian gentleman advising he was about to conduct a controlled seabed explosion in the vicinity.

At daybreak on Friday, pretty much on the Greenwich Meridian, the boat hooked itself by the rudder onto the seabed through 40 metres of discarded fishing tackle and ground to a halt. An interesting problem-solving exercise, won by Nick, with a technique which can roughly be called keel-hauling the largest adjustable spanner on the boat. Arrived Out Skerries about midday and now relishing the peace and quiet of being the only yacht (or vessel of any kind) in the harbour.