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Oriole in Silda

Posted in : Oriole

Oriole is now safe and sound in Silda after a day full of achievements.
Last night the plan for today was to round the infamous headland of Stad, also known as the Cape Horn of Norway, well renown for its huge waves and multiple wrecks. With that in mind the crew got ready, having an early dinner and watching Point Break… I know right?
In the morning, after 5 kg of Porridge cooked by the amazing Susi to power us through the day, we got underway.
Stad didn’t disappoint and the swell didn’t take long to start shaking Oriole up and down the waves, but everybody onboard pushed through it and managed to sail it almost all of it. By the time we rounded the headland, the swell calmed down and the wind died, having Mr Perkins helping us for the last little bit of the day.
Silda has amazing walks and you can walk all the island in an hour. We’ve all been fed by Sarah with an exquisite Chilli con Carne and the plan for tomorrow is well underway, with Rod looking to take us through the skerries. 04/09/19