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Oriole sails overnight to Dublin

Posted in : Oriole

The crew had a relatively lazy start to the day, a chilled breakfast followed by some exploring ashore. Our plan was to reconvene for a late lunch on the boat and finalise plans for sailing overnight to Dublin in order to get better winds and give everyone a taste of sailing at night. All onboard Stephen and Chantal talked us through the plan, we discussed, watch keeping, how to identify ships and lights at night and got familiar with our landmarks. We waited for the slack in the tide at strangford before setting off and pilotage complete out the river, turned the engine off and hoisted sails. Stu and Diane sorted dinner while we all settled into a watch system as evening fell. A cloud cover prevented any stars but there was enough lights on land to keep us entertained. As the winds changed we put in and shook out reefs as well as changing the amount of jib out. Just before midnight we were accompanied by a large group of common dolphins, hard to see in the dark but easy to hear the splashing. There was just enough phospherescence to make them out in the water.