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Oriole’s crew ashore in Spitsbergen

Posted in : Oriole

After an 8 o’clock breakfast, then some frustrating delays caused by a battle with a diesel pump, we set sail around 11 o’clock. What followed was 25 nautical miles of fantastic downwind sailing, with magical panoramic views of glaciers (and some delicious chocolate cake made my Tracey!). We then anchored at the stunning Trygghamna, (where some of us saw their first Arctic Fox of the trip), then half of us made dinner whilst the other half prepared the RIB. After a quick meal, we headed to shore, where we walked along shore line glacial marines and identified various flora, fauna and footprints. We were all completely fascinated by the surrounding environment, and revelled in the 24 hour sunlight! Then back to Oriole for around 10pm to deflate the RIB, have a cup of tea and prepare for whatever tomorrow brings… Briony