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Adventure holiday, sailing the coast of Morocco

Adventure holiday, sailing the coast of Morocco


09 – 22 January 2021 (£2,099)




Sailing and exploring the coast of Morocco

One of our most unusual but also most popular routes as we sail down Morocco's Atlantic coast. Far off the beaten track of most other yachts, this is real adventure sailing, with wonderful towns to explore and a huge dose of the unexpected every year. Starting in Cadiz and finishing with an exciting 24-hour sail to the Canaries, you can visit Tangier, Rabat, El Jadida, Safi amongst other options. There is more time ashore to explore on this route.

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Day 1: Joining the boat

Join the boat between 1200 and 2000hrs (the closer to 1200 the better but we know flights and such like don’t always work like that, so don’t worry!) Get your belongings packed away and relax. There’s plenty of things to do in the future, but right now it’s about relaxing, finding your way around the boat and enjoying the surroundings.

Day 2: Briefings and training

Today is all about getting up to speed with the boat. Whether you are a complete novice or more experienced sailor, everyone benefits from detailed introductions, safety briefings and training sessions. You will have two highly qualified instructors to guide you through every aspect that you need to know to have a great sailing holiday. By lunchtime, we should be casting off the lines, and it’s time to learn the ropes. You’ll be hoisting the sails and working through all the critical sailing manoeuvres such as tacking and gybing, reefing and knot tying! By the end of the day, everyone on board should feel comfortable with the basics – even though there’s more to learn and practice every day. We may anchor overnight.

Day 3-4: Day sail to Tangier, Morocco

Today we will sail the 50nm or so to Tangier. It’s a lovely sail, and we get to see these yachts at their very best. Entry into Tangier is always a baffling mix of guesswork, bartering and bloody-mindedness. They are not used to yachts here, and it can take a little working out! We will hopefully get to spend a full day here exploring its souks and medinas. It’s a crazy, fascinating city. The city is a jumbled mix of North Africa, Spain, Portugal and France, and is known as the gateway to Africa from Europe. While you’re here, make sure you visit Cafe Hafa, a Tangier institution since 1921 and a must-see. There are also ancient Phoenician tombs, the beautiful Kasbah Museum, the American Legation and the Grand Socco.

Days 5-7: Overnight sail to explore Rabat

We now leave Tangier behind, and it’s about 120nm south to Rabat, so we will likely leave after dinner for a beautiful sail in the warm Moroccan winds, with the exotic smells and sounds of North Africa wafting across the water as we sail under the stars. The Atlas mountain range will be visible on the horizon. Rabat is the capital of Morocco and is a special place to spend the day. You can explore the Kasbah of the Udayas, the royal fort from the Berber era and its beautiful gardens that overlook the ocean. You will also be able to visit the city’s iconic Hassan Tower, a 12th-century minaret, that soars above the ruins of a mosque. Nearby is the tomb of King Mohammad V. On the edges of the city you can find Chellah, an old medieval fortified town on the banks of the Bou Regreg River. It’s an old Roman city that was abandoned in the 12th century before being rebuilt by a local Sultan. Strange though it sounds, a visit to the ancient cemetery is also very special. It is beautiful and covered in flowers. With the sea on one side, it is a lovely and unique place.

Days 8-10: Day sail to explore El Jadida

50nm or so further south is the town of El Jadida. It was built by the Portuguese as a fortified colony on the Atlantic coast in the early 16th century and taken over by the Moroccans in 1769. It is a beautiful town and is now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is another city that seamlessly mixes cultures and countries, with old churches and synagogues can be found right next to mosques. The fortress of Mazagan is another must-see. If discovering new and exciting places is the essence of adventure travel, then you will struggle to better this.

Days 11-12: Passage to Safi

Now it’s another lovely 60nm sail down to Safi, our last possible stop on the Moroccan coast unless we make it to Essaouira. Quite a large town, nearly a quarter of it is dedicated to pottery and just about every green glazed tile you see in the rest of the region comes from here. Called the Collines des Potiers, the potters’ quarter, it is a fascinating area with old wood-burning kilns smoking away.  The Portuguese occupied Safi in the early 16th century and built a citadel, called the Kechla, that is still intact today. Dar Al Bahar is another fortress built by the Portuguese that is well worth a visit. Located right on the coast, it has spectacular views out onto the Atlantic Ocean. Finally, don’t miss the ruins of Cathedrale Portugaise. We’ve sailed the full way down the coast, and by now you will know now just why a Morocco holiday is so special.

Days 13-14: Overnight sail to the Canary Islands

For the final leg of our adventure, we have to leave the much loved Morocco behind and head west into the Atlantic Ocean. We are bound for the island of Lanzarote in the Canaries! How long this takes will depend on where on the Moroccan coast we set sail from, but you can expect 24-36 hours of exhilarating open ocean sailing. Still warm and usually with good wind, we will sail west into the setting sun, and spend a full night at sea, with the moon and stars for company. It’s fun, exciting and a complete change of gear after our wanderings down the Moroccan coast. It’s great to have the wind in the hair, salt spray and be out on the open ocean. As dawn breaks, we’ll see the Canaries appear over the horizon, and before we know it we will arrive in Puerto Calero in time for a good old end of trip party!

Day 15: Debrief, clean up and goodbyes

It’s always amazing how quickly everyone has become firm friends, and the boat and its routines seem so familiar. Yet it’s time to wrap it all up and head home. We’ll get the boat back to how we found it, sign logbooks, exchange emails and disembark by 1200hrs.


  • You should join the boat in Cadiz harbour after 1200 hrs on the start day. It is good if you can join us as close to 1200 hrs as possible, but if your flight or ferry gets in later than this, that is fine. We will ask you closer to the time to let us know your travel details.
    You will disembark the boat in Lanzarote at 1200 hrs on the last day.


  • You can fly into Jerez (IATA code: XRY). Ryanair, British Airways and Iberia all fly there. From the airport, a taxi takes about 30 to 40 minutes and costs about €55 to Cádiz. There are also frequent trains from Jerez to Cádiz which arrive at the station inside the old town (see below).
  • Lanzarote Airport (IATA Code: ACE) is well served by many airlines including Ryanair, Easyjet, Iberia and others. The airport is a short taxi ride from the marina.


Jerez to Cadiz


These adventure sailing holidays are open to everyone aged 18 years and over. If you are aged 70 or over or have any concerns about your health, we ask that you get a doctor’s note before booking. This is to make as certain as possible that you will be okay out on the water.



We provide the foul weather clothing, life-jackets and all other technical equipment you will need. We urge you not to spend any extra money unless you are sure you want to! You need to bring a sleeping bag and some waterproof boots.

See more information and the full kit list here


We are committed to helping as many people as possible have a fantastic sailing holiday and experience the magic of the sea. Our skippers and mates have medical training, and the boats have some medical supplies and equipment on board. However, the reality is that once onboard access to professional medical assistance is going to be slower than if you were on land. If we are offshore, it may be some days.

For this reason, we ask you to check through the medical disclosure form below before you book. If you answer yes to any of the questions, you should get in touch with us before you book. It will probably still be fine, but it’s good to make sure. You will be asked to submit the form electronically 14 days before the start date, ensuring that we have the most up to date information.

See the Medical Declaration here


  • You must have adequate travel insurance in place for your sailing holiday.
  • We strongly recommend that you arrange insurance that covers you for any medical mishaps in the build-up to your holiday so that should you have to cancel, you can reclaim your fees.
  • Please note we cannot refund your money or cancel your invoice due to medical issues.
  • For our latest guidance on travel insurance, please read here.


Mostly day sailing, but may have an occasional night sail.


  • Foul weather clothing to keep you dry in any conditions.
  • Fladen immersion suits. These will keep you warm in even the coldest, windiest conditions.
  • Ocean-spec lifejackets. These are the best on the market.
  • All on-board food and snacks.
  • Daily sailing lessons and tuition from two highly experienced instructors.
  • RYA sailing qualifications where applicable.


  • Your travel to and from the start and endpoints.
  • Travel insurance (see our travel insurance page here)
  • Any alcohol – but feel free to bring your own or buy some along the route.
  • Any meals you eat ashore.


Everything’s included except for flights, travel insurance, a sleeping bag and some waterproof boots. There are no hidden extras.

  • These expeditions have small numbers of people on board. When you book, you are committing to being a part of the crew.
  • These are genuine adventure sailing holidays and you will be helping sail the boat, planning where we go, navigating, cooking and keeping the boat clean and tidy.
  • When you book, the deposit is non-refundable. It is possible to cancel subsequently, however you may still be liable for the balance of the invoice, depending on how close you are to the start date when you cancel.
  • Please ensure you have read and agreed to the T&Cs and read the Trip Notes before booking.

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