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Diesel engine course

RYA Diesel Engine Course

It doesn’t matter how well you maintain your boat or how good a sailor you are, eventually you are going to have an electrical failure. These are often minor, but unless you have the basic knowledge and skills to analyse and fix the problem, the whole boat can be disabled. The essential skills are not difficult to learn – you just need someone to show you how. We give you those skills.

Diesel Engine

May 02 2020: (£99)

September 12 2020: (£99)

No prior knowledge required

Course overview

Understanding your diesel engine is essential knowledge for every sailor. You need to know how to service it, understand common faults and fix them. This intensive one day course, taught by experts, gives you that knowledge.

An RYA course …. with additional Rubicon 3 teaching subjects

Having a good understanding of your engine is essential for every sailor. Most problems are fuel or electrical and we will show you both how to prevent them in the first place and how to diagnose and hopefully fix them if they do occur. We teach on a fully operational yanmar marine engine on a teaching stand to allow you full access and hands-on learning.


0900 until approximately 1700.

What’s Included:

All course materials, morning and afternoon tea.


Rubicon 3 training centre
Unit 2, Haslar Marina
PO12 1NU
United Kingdom
(Free parking available. Nearest train station Portsmouth harbour)

What’s Included:

All course materials, morning and afternoon tea.

Match this course with:

Marine electrical. We run diesel and electrical courses on consecutive days so you can do both in a weekend.

Principles of the diesel engine (RYA syllabus)
The four-stroke cycle
Naturally aspirated engines
The fuel system (RYA syllabus)
The basic system
The tank
The water-separating pre-filter
Fuel lift pump
The engine fine filter
Injection pump
Bleeding the system
Clean air to burn
The cooling system (RYA syllabus)
Seawater cooling
Freshwater cooling
Temperature control
The thermostat
The seawater impeller pump
How to service the engine  (RYA syllabus)
Spares and tool requirements  (RYA syllabus)
Critical supporting equipment (additional Rubicon 3 syllabus included in cost)
Flexi couplings
Half couplings
Shaft seals
Engine mounts