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Purple Passion in the Pacific

Posted in : Starling

Twice a day the 35 boats taking part in the World ARC report their positions to each other on the long range radio. We exchange tales of the last 24 hours, compare wind and weather conditions, and listen to who has caught the biggest fish. This is starting to become a somewhat painful exercise because so far we have caught absolutely nothing. Others have been boasting about 40lb wahoos in an old-school, mid-ocean version of a Facebook status update. Angus has had his line out every day with a mean-looking silver and orange diver on it. Not to be outdone I have also put out a hand line with a truly irresistible pink squid complete with sparkly white feathers. Despite the fact that it colour-coordinates with Starling’s wrap (which is more than can be said for my own outfits) the local marine life is not convinced and to date we have only caught each other’s lines, and spent the best part of an hour untangling them! Our haul is limited to one small flying fish and a kamikaze squid, both of which launched themselves onto our decks this morning. (Sophia considered whether or not to eat the road kill but decided it is a little too early in the voyage for that) We are consoling ourselves with the fact that it has finally stopped raining, and we are having a fantastic reach, making 8kn in the right direction after finally clearing the doldrums and entering the SE’ly trade wind belt of the South Pacific. Rachael