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Reine, Lofoten Islands, Norway

Posted in : Bluejay

An inauspicious start. One team set off to climb Reinebringen – 510m with spectacular views of Reine. The other group went to take the ferry to Vindstat. An hour later we were all back at the boat. The Reinebringen path is closed from 4 June 2019 – 14 July 2019 for path rebuilding. And the ferry was full.

So we all took the dingy to Vinstad which is a 20 minute run and more exciting than the ferry. The café was closed but we walked over to Buneset beach. Its about 3km to the beach from Vinstad pier. Three of us climbed Helvetestinden. We went to the sub-peak, 520m up with spectacular views back down to Reine, waterfalls coming off Segltinden and glacial lakes. The summit is another 80m higher – it’s a bit exposed and scrambly, and we were a bit short of time due to the late start so we

So our advice if you’re spending a day in Reine, don’t bother with the ferry, and if you want to do a bit more walking than Reinebringen, take a dingy, go over to Vinstad and spend the day exploring Vinstad, Bunes Beach and Helvetestinden.